Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Return

Apparently he had been in the city long enough to survey the area, even talk to a few citizens. It was not until one of my personal prized possessions was missing did I find that he had returned.

I had walked into the library looking to take the stress away from the city, curl up by the fire and open my personal copy of Hamlet, something that I have kept with me in life and was delivers to me after my rebirth. When I found it missing I was very unnerved, no one knew where I had hid it, no one could have known it was behind the first two editions of Biochemistry of the Hatch ling Magpie and the sixth edition of Practical Alchemy. Someone had looked for it and meant to take it, I had not a clue why, it was only important to myself.

Regardless I had to find it and quickly, I did not want to make a fuss so I went to see the only person I could trust with finding such a personal object, Vivi. I headed for the church and stood a bit to let Denny and Vivi bicker on about something, I was most preoccupied with my thoughts to have paid close attention. After a bit of light banter I requested Vivi to scry for my book. I do not trust magic so much bt I recall it being rather effective in the past.

She worked quickly and it only took moments to find that it was a man wearing a hat with a noose around his neck who had stolen it. This description meant nothing to me but it bristled Denny quite a bit.

It was soon explained that a man named Michon had stolen it. This was a name I had not heard or even muttered since my life. It stung deeply and worried me that it was so possible for my past to have returned.

I admit, my reaction was... ungraceful, even rude. Denny was keeping something from me and this infuriated me even more. I know now that he was trying to protect me...but I escaped my wrath inflicting others and quickly and traveled to the hospital roof for some peace. I had to think because Denny must have been lying Michon had been long dead now.

Dearest Mina followed me, she wanted to know that I was alright. I stood there, staring out over the city, but not at anything. My mind was exploding within myself, Selk'Tar'Oth screaming at me for blood, myself trying to understand. Mina was struck by my hand when she tried to comfort me. I was losing it already and quickly apologized. She replied saying it was nothing to be concerned for, but her words did not register. She asked if I wanted to talk, the least I could do was oblige her... my death is not uncommon knowledge.

I told her that once I loved a gentleman, the man who took me away from the asylum, took care of me, loved me... that he went mad in the middle of one of my... episodes and had no choice but to put me out of my misery. Of course... it was his form of mercy towards me that three blows to the head with a lead pipe would do it. But he did love me, I know it, why did he have to end my existence?

Denenthorn had been listening... he spoke, "Because he was under orders to do such a thing..."

This struck me hard, I had been given orders before, for the Illuminati, for the House. But the way Michon loved me could not have been orders.

Denny spoke again at my denial and my questioning, ""He was under orders to do this.... because you created something.... cause you had to be an artist...Skilled enough to catch the eyes of your current benefactors and my former employers...Michon was merely a tool.... a catalyst...." he murmured, "It was not Michon who decided you needed to die.... in truth he is not the reason you're an angel.... just the cause....""

My head was swimming, who, why? What in the world could I have done to deserve such treatment? What did being an artist have to do with anything, Michon truly loved me, he was stressed over his work, my health, and our state of living, he did not have a choice, how could it have been orders? Everything gushing through my thoughts at once was making me light headed and I dared to not stand for this news, it was a weakness but one I think Mina and Denny understood. I demanded to know who gave the order.

Denny looked dead on into my eyes, "Me."

I denied it and he refused this, stating it was of his bosses order but that he was the one that had to give it to Michon, due to my Masterpiece. Because I created something that this world should not know about, because I created something that I should not have even imagined, because my Father had to give me a gift in remembrance. Because I was a mortal, I would not have time to finish my Masterpiece and the Illuminati wanted control over its power because... apparently, upon its completion, Selk'Tar'Oth would rise and the Order wanted that power.

This news was ridiculous, over my head, inconceivable, out of my realm... but completely true. I needed a moment to recalculate my entire existence.