Monday, October 10, 2011

The Dreamer Must Sleep

After many months of being leader to the Illuminati and successfully bringing it back from what decay it was left in I must leave. The GLLC has deemed my sanity to be a hamper upon the continued success of the organization and have requested that I step down.

I leave my place respectfully and have come into council for the Illuminati instead.

That was the understanding near three months prior. I stayed upon the council for sometime, kneeling to the orders of the Mr. E fellow and his unabashed ways if directing orders. I followed as a dog told to sit. Thus it came to my appointment that a certain witch, Russ, be harmed for harming the library over a fateful full moon.

I tricked Russ and forced my way into her mind, by orders of Mr. E I was to near exterminate her being. I was to give her all that which she had harmed against us. With my darkness I tore through her mental barriers, this being so easy to do now, and opened her secret. where normally I would delight in this revenge there was something wrong. Something did not feel right. I had explained to her the reason for my attack and she did hold her own as best she could. The secret that I revealed to her unmade her. I ruined her beyond recognition. She was left to the rescuers that had come to late with only the parting whisper of her mind to my own, that she had no part in the coincidence the wolves attacked that night.

I stood stock still, letting the other Covenites retreat her to safety, they were unaware of the damage I had done, more so how to respond to one which they would call friend. I had been betrayed by my own leader. This information and revenge was given in falsehood and in such a manner is one I cannot stand for.

I looked to Jane being Mr. E's right hand and explained to her that I could not continue my work under a leader that refuses to reveal the truth to his own. The Illuminati had greatly changed in a way that does not uphold with my own understanding.

I gave in and gave up for self-preservation.

This city is a terrible place. While everyone seems vastly different from the other, different goals, different methods, there is but one tie to us all... Survival.

It is with heavy heart that I leave formally, it is however entrusted that informally I remain and will always have a place there.

I will continue to make them fear the light.