Thursday, June 25, 2009

Take Up Arms

It is a chilling night, she did not think her experiments would bring her to so many conclusions, nor that the intrigue of what befell the kitties would have dug herself so deep. She kicks the office floor twice, losening the tile which she stored her items in secret. There she saw her filled sketchbooks piled, with extra clothing just in case. She did not have much that she valued there save for a few items. Tonight she thought that her gift from long ago, one she recieved while under the tutoridge of a very quiet fellow would come in handy. With a firm grasp she pulls the firm brass armor and rubber soled boots along with a black case. She pulls on the brass woven clothing, scratching a bit from disuse and she laces up her boots. She pulls the case getnly dusting it off and with a steady hand she opens it. She sighs softly as she looks down at the contraption. "A stun gun cannot compare to the likes of you." she thinks to herself. "Thank you Nikola Tesla." she mutters and takes up the electric weapon.

Thus with her armor in place, her antique weapon in hand, she tucks her wings under her shoulder plates to keep them safe. She takes one step from the library looking around carefully before venturing forth, into the city. It is not the dark of the city she fears this night. It is the impending wrath of.... The Muffin Man.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Of Minds and Matters

In my observations of this city I have seen many taken over by possession, manipulation, altercation, and alliteration. It is sometimes viewed as comical though I have yet to see the comedy in't. And it is also viewed as horrific as I have such seen and not taken light of.

Friday, June 19, 2009

As is

Finale - Joss Whedon's Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Here lies everything
The world I wanted at my feet
My victory’s complete
So hail to the king

(Everything you ever)

Arise and see
So your world’s benign
So you think justice has a voice and we all have a choice
Well now your world is mine

(Everything you ever)

And I am fine…

Now the nightmare’s real
Now dr. horrible is here to make you quake with fear
To make the whole world kneel

(Everything you ever)

And I wont feel … a thing

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The week I had

*slumps down in a chair on the second floor of the library with her journal. She pulls out a pencil and inhales slowly as she begins to write*

Hatter came into the library in protest to the tea party he was not invited to. Despite all the librarian's efforts he managed to take me away along with that greenish demon. The took me to the television repair shop and from there everything got worse. I wish to not relay what happened there into these pages... needless to say afterwards I was not quite myself.

I felt myself change and the last time I resisted, I lost my tongue. I did not wish for that to happen again so I let it come. The entity, that name I dare not write here, came forward and let me rest for a while. Needless to say it has its own agenda but I have conversed with it and it seems to have made a deal with me while I was away. It will come when I need it, when I cannot perform the duties necissary anymore. It will come and behave for the most part, keeping me as safe as I can be kept and by the time I wake up I will be better. I am not sure if this is the best course of action, however, I did feel very well after this take over.

It made me well enough for the tea party we had the day after.

It was a wonderful success in bringing everyone together, however due to some unforeseen events we did not accomplish to spread the library's name out to the city so well. It was a nice change though, perhaps next time we will simply let invitations fly to the wind for the public to see.

*sits back in the chair glancing out to the balcony a moment before looking back into her book*

The library is ever changing. There is so much more to accomplish in the city and we have some more capable people to pick up where others have left off. I am glad to call these librarians friends.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Perhaps I will learn here

*Stands on the balcony, looking out over the city. Her pencil in hand as she begins to write*

The library is to host a tea party on Friday. We are to dress up from characters in the story Alice and Wonderland. I was chosen to be Alice, which is all well and good. I think it is because I am blonde, but I do not mind. I like the outfit I have chosen, though I think Picket would rather I wear the outfit she has chosen. We shall see. Perhaps I will change at midnight, to look more appropriate to the nightlife.

I wish for this party to go well. That we will put aside differences and have pleasant stories to share. I wish also to gain new librarians with this, we need them now as it seems Denny, Picket, and myself seem to be taking up more duties than necessary.

At the same time I hope to observe happiness. This thing.... this... emotion still eludes me. I have been pondering it for some time now. Why do I seem to be with out it, why do I not understand the smiles or the chuckles I recieve when I speak sometimes. When I ask a question, an innocent one at that.... such as, "Why are you beating that man into the street, has he done on offense directly to you or behind your back?" They laugh at me... as though it were a silly question to have asked.

I was seeing one about the explanation but they seem to have gotten busy and are not in the city often anymore. Vitalia at one point tries to explain her own feelings of joy, or her smiles but does not seem quite able to at the same time. She has said that it isn't always happiness, but that did not make sense.

*chews at the end of her pencil a moment as she thinks*

Perhaps tis' better to let this search be... let happiness enter me on it's own accord rather than to seek it out. I must admit, I felt lighter to have the librarians help with the cleaning of the library after the lycan attack. Though not quite enough it seems to have my mouth curl... Perhaps I am not a smiler.

*shakes her head*

Enough of this talk. We have a new librarian, they have been a wonderful asset thus far. I am sure they will prove themselves quickly in the future. As I considering it think it strange and I am unsure myself but it seems there has been an initiation for us all but me. With Denny it was his new office, which seems to have been packed away again much to my dismay. Aries was given the taste of absinthe which would not bother me so much. Picket was our first initiate of secrets and so far I have been very proud to have her flitting about the library. The librarians have had thier tasks, though some how I feel it was a bit too easy for me to be here. Perhaps it was the official necessity of the matter... still curious that visitors look to me as some sort of lackey when it has to do with business other than books. Yet when it is books they know me as head librarian.

*shakes her head*

I truley am rambling now am I not.

*rubs her forehead slowly with the palm of her hand. She closes her eyes and breathes slowly, feeling a shudder up the back of her spine. She rolls her head around, cracking her neck in a few places, then crackes her knuckles quickly. She takes the sharp end of her pencil and jabs her thumb with it, caoting the tip in blood before writing in a more jagged script*

You can't keep your thoughts to yourself you know.

Monday, June 8, 2009


It was a full moon, the library was attacked last night. We took in those we could, helped those who needed it, and strong armed the lycans who tried to breech our doors. Those of the library who were present did very well in their help and I am proud of them. We will only become stronger in our seat in Toxia with such bonds.

Cricket took to the windows, electrifying the iron bars that hold the glass, to keep the lycans from jumping through. Picket rounded those she could find into the library and took down those that would oppose her. A few others boarded up the doors and pushed the shelves against them to barricade us in the library. I healed those I could and later went to find K to only find a white tiger. Denny found me and warned me but, it was too late. The tiger attacked Denny and in a flash the tiger was contained.

In near the same moment, the tiger changed and I was near relieved to see K standing in it's place. Quickly blushing and turning away as he was naked, but relieved all the same. However on the way be to the library I came face to face with a huge black lycan. It chased me down, caught me and I thought I was near done for; were it not for Joenta who brought it down and allowed my escape.

The aftermath I am down one shirt, the books are soaked due to the sprinkler system going off apparently, the shelves have been clawed at, the chairs have been burned, and the door frames all have nail holes in them The library will not last another attack. We must take firmer, stronger measures before the next full moon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I find it curious to see how fleeting the need for something can be. When one does not find the patience in themselves to wait but a moment, that need becomes discarded. Though I do not feel at such a loss, I am talking of course of the Shadows who stepped into the library just the other night. Those who stayed got what they came for more or less. Those who left did not. I simply find it interesting who will stay for knowledge and who think they will learn on their own.

*thinks a moment and shudders slightly*

I have gone out of my bounds that night as well. I think perhaps that Denny and Picket are influencing my stray thoughts. This is not a happy feeling, most disturbing really... but I will have to concentrate harder on keeping those thoughts to myself.

Speaking of Picket, she has become our new Second in Command. Aries had to take her leave and I wish she will be well as I am sure she will keep herself as such. Picket's entrance into the library is daunting to say the least. I can see many plausible connections, but I am not sure so much that I would be able to socialize with her outside the library without fainting.

I would be comdemned if she were to find that out as I am sure she would try to exploit that...

*thinks a while*

I think I am paranoid...

*scribbles out all the text about Picket she wrote earlier*

Picket has arrived. This will be a grand, new experience that I welcome with open arms.