Friday, November 25, 2011

To breathe

And yet to suffocate at the same time is quite the feeling. I am free and yet I am bound by my own mind. Without the whiles and goings in of the library to keep me occupied I am left to my own devices, a dangerous thing indeed.

I have thusly commuted several acts of violence against otherwise innocent citizens. I have sought and skinned two felines and declawed one. I have removed a demon from it host with lies. I have plucked a pair of lovely blue eyes from a human girl. I have stripped the nerve endings out of a man's feet, left them attached and dipped them unkempt juice as well as held them too close to a flame. I have bent a werewolf in two and tore his pectorals open then pinned them as one would a butterfly. Finally I have pulled a woman's tongue it's full length and flayed it over her body in order to show her the correct percentage of skin a lady could show and still be considered a lady.

All of this to sate my mind. There was no reason for any of it. I was bored and my mid has been screaming. On the same turn I have also done such acts of kindness. I have aided in an exorcism, I have settled an angel's mind, I have given information freely and helped countless new citizens find their way. I have been called nice, kind and warm... For whatever reason. I have healed and defended, I have given confidence and suppressed fear.

But now I feel that I am slipping again. There is something wrong in the balance and it is not something I can see or touch. Something is shifting unkindly against my mind. It cannot be She, we have made an agreement and were he to break it it would be quick, this feeling would not linger as it does. There is a darker tug at my fate and it is slowly winding me taught to snapping.

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