Sunday, September 11, 2011

I devised a plan to release Denenthorn. I didn't think he'd go along with it willingly, thus I had to betray the one of two that I have truely come to call friend here. The thought hurts even now.

I asked him to meet me in the usual spot, atop the hospital, to speak on a matter of importance. I had him examine me, a made up wound upon me, in a difficult place so that he would have to get close.

I did trick him and managed to stab him as a misdirection to upper cut into his nose. This attack knocked him out and on the ground. I worked quickly to finish my design on his face. It was perfect but I needed to set him free, to remember me and remind him of the strife he put me through, to help me.

I knew his eye contained power, he had as of several months ago kept it hidden behind an eye patch. I took my scissors and with a precise jab popped his eye from the socket. I kept it secret, I kept it safe. I left him on the roof knowing he we be safe from harm until he would come to.

I secreted myself back to the library, preparing myself for the backlash I thought would come within the hour.

But all was quiet.

I waiting, becoming anxious, I started to pace. I walked in circle in front of the fire, I started counting, there was always something to count in the library. Then I thought I heard a clearing of the throat. It sounded as though it were just behind me but, when I turned to greet whomever was there, I was alone.

I searched for a possible citizen, traveled upstairs an looked between shelves. I was just reaching the Hemingway collection when I heard, too close to be someone beside me, "You piece of shit, twit."

I knew this voice, it had been a long time since I'd seen Eversoris, but here he was, in my head. "What in the hell do you think you're doing." therein was a whirlwind of dark whispers. Most of these voices were in languages I did not understand but all were berating, all threatening and each of them calling foul to my betrayal against Denenthorn. Eversoris spoke again, "I'm going to make you regret what you have done.". The eye in my pocket had gone hard like a stone and I felt it vibrate. A tug, a twist and then all was darkness around me.

I was not in the library. I was not even in Toxia, but I daresay that I would have given near anything to return there again.

This was hell, I knew not by sight, but by smell. It is the smell that every demon carries, it can never come off. I did not have to see where I was being taken but I did open my eyes. There was nothing here that I had not already dreamt... Though in dreams one has the ability to wake up.

I was flown through the pits and valleys, twisting and winding downward, where orange became red, red to black and black into blue. It was in this blue void that I was strapped down and for e through countless physical torture, performed by Eversoris. Time is different here, a week away and I had spent lifetimes parted. It was filled with physical beatings, The knowledge of my body is now full in my understanding of it, I know my thresholds quite clearly and fir once I longed to have a memory of being held and protected. To only have what is written or told by experience, by another, is worthless.

I did not expect to see Eversoris give mercy, but after what must have been my seventieth lifetime, he released me. He swept me through and up and rocketed me out of hell onto the muck of the swamplands in Toxia.

I was out, the stone ceased vibrating in my pocket, my clothed were unmarred save for a bit of smoldering at my shoulders. The brimstone will fade from my wings but not a scratch was upon my body. I had not aged a moment, though the memory was bright in my mind, I had to collect myself.

I had already run out of time, the Darkstorm was already upon me. When I did realize, such folly, I was ruined where my mercy was delivered.

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