Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Out of the frying pan...

I didn't remember that mud was cold, that water was wet, or that air could be breathable (considering) when I woke again at the bay of Toxia.

I fumbled for my glasses, putting them on with shaking hands, i tried to drown out the raging voices in my head; too busy to notice anything round me.

It wasn't until Denenthorn was right upon me that I had sense of place. My place now was in the midst of Denenthorn's blade. Pain racked my upper body as all feeling in my legs was cut off by the exact severing of my spine. My wings unfurled, a shining sapphire amongst thise feathers and with a quick yank my conquest was gone. Denenthorn stole back Eversoris. He accused me of an attempted murder against him to which i denied flat out.

Denenthorn believed my lesson to be that it was all right to be dark, to be free in being evil. It was not the case at all. I tried to explain to him my plans of perfection, that by what he asked me was to make him perfect, his soul so shattered I only meant to remove the extra pieces. He would have nine of it. He told me that he does not wish to be perfect, who is he to have such wants and be in control of them?! I know just what he would say to that rhetoric as well. That he is Denenthorn Darkstorm Masukami, that he is Righteous and that he is as such, the Prince of light...

He does not understand what it is to be haunted by imperfection. I only wished to help him to such a place, that which Gods can only create. To be perfect is to be pure, he does not and will not understand my vision, not understand my very existence. The preparations must be made for the time of Her coming. The world will be perfect, those that are not perfect will be fixed to her vision, I have so much ahead of me no mortal could dream of it!

Denenthorn knelt over my helpless form. He refused to hear me, he brought upon the guilt as he asked how his dearest Viviane would feel should he have left this world. She would understand my want to make him happy, she would understand my want to make her happy as well, they both would NOT understand the method; this has become abundantly clear.

He took from me my happiness, removing the feathered gifts which he'd given me that would let me glance to memories so easily lost. He then took more revenge for my work and removed my eye. Admittedly I was stunned for him to commit such acts against me and my beliefs. With as long as it took for me to actually trust him and give all what I could for him he cast it away in mere moments.

I am now more alone than I have ever felt before. The body is ruined of its usefulness, my entrapment is within myself. However, before I can fix any of this, I must get out of this wretched swamp.

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